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A leader that leads by example and understands the Collector, Client, and Consumer side of the Collection Industry. A leader that not only understands what is required in all Collection aspects but also helps Consumers/Clients choose the best practices for their collection needs.


Our management team has an combined 44+ years in billing, management, and collections experience. With that kind of experience how could you not succeed with us?

Collection Manager

John Shafer

Collection Manager/Compliance Officer

With over 24 years in the collection industry, he brings strong collection experience, excellent leadership qualities, professional demenor, and his savvy of technology in the field and his ability to use these to exceed at getting the job done.

Rachel Iturrino


With over 20 years of experience in various aspects of revenue cycle management, medical consulting, credentialing, improvement processes, patient access, payer contract negotiations, financial analysis, and EMR implementation.

Jack Rader

Top Account Specialist

Every month our top collector secures a spot in the "Top Account Specialist Reward Program". This spot is based on attendance, performance, compliance, and consumer feedback. If you would like to vote send us a comment on the contact form for your favorite collector.

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