Collection Services

Collection of debt covers a wide array of variables, when it comes to the type of debt being collected. Our team has the experience to handle the type of debt you would like collected. What is the bottom line in Collections? It is getting you the client the money owed to you as quickly as possible. Let us help you with your debt collection needs.

Locator Services

Midwest BCM uses the latest technology and skills in the skiptracing field. Our skiptracing team is trained, by a professional skiptracer with several years locating consumers.

Our skiptracing software is capable of finding cell numbers, addresses, bankruptcy information, employment, relatives, neighbors, and all types of asset information. Even if the consumer fell down the rabbit hole, it might find them.

Credit Reporting

While we do not wish bad credit on anyone, our clients should have the ability to report debt that is not paid to them, in a timely manner.

Being members of the three credit bureaus - Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian is not only a service to our clients but a great service to the consumers as well. Not only can we report negative activity on the accounts but we can report positive account history as well.

Litigation and Judgement Collections

Do you have accounts that seem impossible to collect? We have litigators that mostly work on a contengecy basis to fight for the money you are owed.

If the ability to collect the account leagally from the consumer is there, our litigator will find it and get the job done. Most state are garnishment states, that allow some form of garnishment to collect a judgement, we will locate a advocate in those states to get the account paid.

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